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Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Daily Ritual eg.

If you have been on your healing journey for a substantial amount of time, there's a likely chance you've heard that routine is foundational to success. The impact that a repeated movement makes in your reality, has a lasting effect on your mindbody connection. When you tell your body to wake up, eat, move, think and be creative; at certain times, it eventually understands that it needs to produce the cellular reactions needed for the activities, and your productivity thrives because of it.

If you have been on your healing journey for a substantial amount of time, there's a likely chance you've realized that sticking to a routine is rather cumbersome. Amongst work, kids, family/friends, and the daily stressors of being human; we fit self-care rituals into the cracks, the moments of silence, independence, or when we remember to take care of ourselves before assisting others...Writing down your intentions for a routine/ritual is the first place to start. We organize & prioritize our goals and the habits that manifest them, we tell the universe that we are seeking momentum. Ask and you shall receive...

The important thing is to get back to basics when talking goals! While a lifetime of goals is grandiose and fortune favors the brave; starting small and thinking about goals as a series of steps, mini-goals is realistic and crossing things off a list feels better than making one in the first place. If I have a goal of writing a book, Im going to need space in my routine for writing that book. If I have a goal of drinking more water, and I can't seem to make it happen - making space in my daily ritual for hydrating my body is important.

Think about what you want.

What habits are going to get you what you want.

When does it make sense for you to do aforementioned habits.

Keeping track of habits in a journal or document, allows us to look back and see what worked and what didn't and what else was going on that perhaps influenced your ability to achieve your goals. Dragon concept!

So your goals are eccentric? Example - "I want to fill the void in my heart space." You have been looking for something that will fill a void you have at the core of your body, or at your root... I'll first mention, in my research and exploration of natural healing, the Herbalist most effectively addresses eccentric deficiencies in the energetic body. #EsotericHealing - There are so many specific indications, its super cool, and Herbalists have the help of plant wisdom so we don't have to work so hard...back to our example - " I want to fill a void in my heart space." - - Self medicating is probably already happening, what habitual care you do in the moment to fill the void temporarily. Like eating sugar, binge watching other humans on TV, smoking, seeking false love, abusing alcohol or other mind altering substances. They may relieve the void for moments, but you have to do the real work of healing yourself for it to truly go away. OVERWHELMING it seems, I know. But you could do a little bit, each day, and pretty soon, its going to start filling up in a sustainable fashion. You take on a routine of self care, self love, spirituality, and herbs for the heart and lungs that address real heartache and grief; address stagnation in those areas with bodywork - you're going to notice something.

SO BACK TO THE ROUTINE! (I get sidetracked on my soapboxes, thank you for being here!)


+ When I first gain consciousness, before I gaze upon my lover sleeping (or sometimes already looking at me ha) - I say what I am grateful for.

Gratitude is a high vibrational feeling, and summoning it upon waking kickstarts the day. Moving through my morning with energy and more gratitude for what is, because like attracts like. When I don't do this, I often begin to make lists and get busy quickly. The day is going to get busy regardless, might as well take a few moments to breath and allow your body and your heart to awake from their dreams..

+I like to start the day with a cup of water; because when I don't I risk getting a headache and feeling lethargic. / Extra points if its hot water and we have lemons on hand...Lemon Water for sure will change up your routine, the hype is real. Over a period of days I notice an increases in energy, decrease in bloating, and mental clarity.. + In addition to doing things breathing and thinking about the day ahead, I like to move my body with stretching, yoga (salute the sun!), intimacy, or a run! Because when I don't, I feel slower, it takes me longer to truly wake up, and I accumulate brain fog...

+ After getting out of bed, I like to wash my face (hey @msrachelhollis !) and put on clothes for the day, even if I'm working from home or watching kids...While my outfit may be more slouchy then say my bff George, hustling Park Ave. in Manhattan; Getting dressed, taking a shower if you need it, it allows us to feel refreshed on the outside as well as the inside, right?

look good feel good. + For the same reason, I like to start the day with my medicines.

I have a rotating regimen based on the symptoms I experience in my mind and body. If I wake up with anxiety, I take nervine herbs like Edgewood's Child, or something containing those plants - and I for sure bypass coffee, as it adds to the agitation...

// When we think about anxiety, a headache, pain, or anger; we associate it with fire and heat. Of which, are markers of inflammation. Cooling herbs that can also be slightly 'sedative' are called for. Flowers like chamomile, lavender, skullcap, blue vervain, kava, etc. (check out a longer list here > on my resources page, image titled 'herbs for sleep')

Depending on the time of year, I might add a meditative walk through the garden, sun bathing, forest bathing, intense breathe work, time to read, etc. My morning routine is always en flux, but the gratitude, water, and yoga are all pretty much key...

Having a morning routine like this, however small it may be; is important for me because when I neglect it, I am neglecting myself. And by the time the day is over, I can feel like I spent the entire day in the service of others, and looking tired and sad.

( side note: I swear, between the grocers, the gas station attendants, family and friends, I will know it when I look "tired" or "sad" and always on days when I have skipped my morning ritual, starting the day off, and ending it too, with endless tasks and inflammatory foods. It shows on my face and in my posture, and people do make comments!)

Anywho, those tired looking days add up over time and contribute to what we consider 'chronic' states of disease or inflammation. Like chronic depression, ptsd, diabetes, autoimmune disorders of the gut, etc. A little bit of a bad thing everyday can add up and cause an imbalance; in the same way that a little bit of a good thing everyday can add up and make you more super human than you've known before.

So, Herbalism, Ayurveda (morning water and yoga), and other natural therapies tend to favor precautionary measures. After awhile, Maybe you don't feel sick so you don't need to take time for yourself, or maybe you don't feel sick because you are taking time for yourself....

We do what we can, and we call it our best.

I'll keep living out here on Earth and report back;

Until then,


PS: Music for morning rituals, evening rituals, or afternoon Dance parties are all in my toolbox for feeling good. Follow me on Spotify @thegroovydoula for groovy tunes that make the day go by with a good beat...My morning run is often field by the Groovy Kind of Love playlist!

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