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We humans are animals, but we become so deeply isolated within our minds that we often forget what it feels like to be present in our bodies. Learn how to overcome the discomfort and adversity you may feel within yourself, on your mat.

Dancing it out

The benefits of yoga are limitless, listed below are just a few things yoga can do for you:


+ Improve concentration, self- control, and strength.

+ Ease discomforts in the body.

+ Strengthen pelvic floor, open hips, and pelvis.

+ Detoxification & purification of immune system, nervous system, and organ systems.

+ Establish a more positive outlook on life, tapping into life force.

+ Create & cultivate the connection with your mind & body.



Yoga during pregnancy is so beneficial to mama’s mind and body. The increase in body awareness alone can mentally and physically prepare a woman for giving birth and for the journey that is motherhood. Think of yoga as a physical and spiritual training for the big day, your baby’s birth day!


Yoga is an amazing practice that can carry you through life. Let it carry you through your pregnancy and motherhood by establishing a mindful prenatal yoga practice. 


Jaide has been engaged in yoga since 2009 and leading yoga therapy since 2014. She is a 200hr Certified Yoga Teacher with the Shambhava School, with an additional 80hr certificate in Prenatal Yoga. Jaide has taught at various studios and events, such as Wanderlust Festival, Snowshoe; and is available for teaching/speaking engagements.

For more information, or to schedule a yoga session please send inquiries to 

Additional contact information can be found under the ‘Contact’ page of this website.


I felt so lucky when I happened upon Jaide's weekly yoga class.

Her style is the perfect mix of flow and strengthening, gentle and challenging. She is able to inuit what her students' bodies need and finds excellent guidance and suggestions. She mixes music so well with the movements of the class. Her class became my Monday ritual. I always leave feeling centered, calm, stronger, and peaceful.

          - Anne Eschenroeder

            Ashtanga Yoga Charlottesville

Jaide's classes are very focused on the breath - opening, and focusing the mind, the body, the spirit connection. Wonderful, deep chest and hip openers that stretch us, physically and emotionally. Overall, time with Jaide is spiritually opening - using herbs, yoga, and mindfulness. 

-Kyhmi, High School Student

Ashtanga Yoga Charlottesville

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