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I went looking for it.

At first,

I went looking for it

because it was on my mind

The lacking of it made my feet restless

I walked through crowds,

through alleyways, through wooded forests and meadows in bloom

I was in the room when new life

came in

and watched on

with sparkling eyes

first breath

sang, danced, spoke prayer,


with honest enthusiasm.

I went looking for it - in the eye -

of you

a dandelion flower

Iin deep water

long hours,

hiked mountains& thru streams


walked down to the desert

where I lay bare

 true lesson

in journey

went looking for it


because it was on my heart. 

IT was on my heart


IT being me

my heart itself. 

I was searching for love.

On the way

I have made many friends

found yoga & other lineages that ground me being

converse with plants and animals, medicines of the Earth


I AM, am happy to say


love is real


it is out here ...

I am in search of it every morning, upon awakening;

It is a practice, for love


Are you looking for it?

Aren't we all?

You could probably benefit from a little professional coaching.

(Because, We all could!)


There are so many internal and external influences in our modern world,  an extra pair of hands, or trained eyes, are tools in this life for feeling our best.


I don't fancy myself a health guru that's never touched a French fry. In fact, it is the humanness in my experience that gives me strength in empowering others. I know how hard it can be to eat Gluten free/vegan because I make an effort to do so, every single day. I know being a mom is crazy. I realize the dedication it takes to have a yoga practice. I'm rolling with the punches, right here with you, on my own healing journey; and I'm reporting LIVE from the war zone that is our broken system. The food industry, the medical profession, the way we look at ourselves, and others, through mirrors and screens; of delusion.

People are talking; something is off, something is missing; my passion is in uncovering what that 'something' is; for myself, and for the communities I serve. 

I support the people's revolution for self care.

1:1 Consulting looks like this: We sit down, we talk it out. In person if you're in the Southwest/Taos NM area, and online worldwide!

Everything that's going on - we talk it out -

Dreams, relationships, food, work, life, goals, disease states, imbalances, emotions, history, PAST & PRESENT.

I use my education and intuition, with the wisdom of the plants to guide me;

and work hard to come up with a complete protocol that addresses how you should be going about your day; in order to enjoy your life. 

(which is an accumulation of days) From there > We address relationships, work habits, diet, lifestyle choices, and use mantras to clean the body.

You get specific and unique herbal remedies to help with:

stress, sleep, digestion, emotions, etc. >

Then it is up to you! You take the protocol, follow it, and devote yourself to healing yourself. I'm always here for feedback, but YOU make the changes in YOUR life; and that's what makes all the difference...

Here's to our collective wellness,

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