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Clinical Herbalist & Creative Intuitive Conspiring with Nature's Lifecycles


Discovering plant medicine 

will change your life;

The simple power in a cup of herbal tea; forest bathing - a walk through the woods.

The energetic exchange that takes place between your body and the living bodies

of our natural world...

The difference between herbal medicine and allopathic (hospitalized) medicine

is about roots. Herbal Medicine is as old as creation itself; since the beginning of

time, animals (including Homo Sapiens) have sought out medicinal plants in the

wild to remedy disease and discomfort; a phenomenon known as

zoopharmacognosy in animals, and plain old common sense survival...


To borrow from the concept of permaculture, if we simply look at and treat disease

of a plant by tending its leaves, we miss out on the source information.

The leaves are getting their nutrients from the soil and the sun.

Look at the roots, is the soil fertile?

Our current medical model would look at disease on the leaf,

and question the leaf. If your skin is breaking out with eczema,

they will question the skin.

Rather than solely treat the affected areas, an Herbalist is going to question the

underlying irritations; an Herbalist is going to look at the soil, your roots,

your foundation, What is making you too hot or too cold?

Why is the inflammation in marked areas, and what organ systems correlate with those markers...Different plants have organ affinities, and we choose herbal remedies & diet/lifestyle affirmations based on these factors, among many others. 


In the spirit of functional medicine, herbal medicine regards the mind and body, in its entirety, as a system that requires the participation of all its functioning parts to work effectively. When the system is working together, we call it health. When the system is dysfunctional, we call it disease. While there is much to be grateful for in allopathic medicine, there is an equal amount of confusion and misinformation in the reductionist model. Health & healing is about being whole! HOLISTIC!

We humans are incredible; but we cannot reproduce the cycle of Nature, outside of Nature.


In our modern world; Herbal Medicine is a holistic, back to basics approach, to healing ourselves. It favors itself a practice; we drink our teas daily to prevent disease, encourage healing, to nourish our bodies.

It is in the acknowledging that: Mother Earth provides everything we need to thrive on this planet.

It is in the taste and feel of whole foods, herbs, roots, seeds; the wholeness is key across the board.

Being one with yourself, your environment.

All of the little things that make up you and I, and the dandelion flower. 


Become rooted in a sustainable life, unique to you and your own internal universe.Finding your roots, is finding your essence, your energy band; getting back to the basics is the first step...


For more information on how Herbal Medicine can impact your life; follow the link.

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