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Carriage House Birth
Art by // Photographed at Carriage House Birth // Brooklyn, New York City 2017

A woman’s body is as powerful and moving as the ocean’s wave, ruled by the waxing and waning of the moon, watery emotions, momentum, strength.

My focus is on holistic living as a means for offering a “full cycle” service to my Mamas. This involves education in (but isn't limited to!): yoga, breath work, nutrition, labor, and postpartum support. Being a doula is a dedication to birth education, birthing bodies, and mamas; both prenatal and postpartum.

My Birth Philosophy

I strive for the highest level of awareness in every aspect of my practice as a doula, certified clinical herbalist, and yogi. The foundation of which is an ever evolving progression forward, because I prioritize learning. Education is fundamental to survival and success in society as it stands, and I acknowledge the importance of evidence based research; paired with women’s intuition, in understanding the reproductive system and the life event that is, birth. 

I am dedicated to raising awareness for the birthing mother’s mind, body, spirit. As well as baby’s ability to thrive. Humans who are educated and mindful going into labor, are more likely to enjoy the experience as a whole. (Education enhances intuition)*

The intent is to enjoy these moments, as the art of creation.

Based on research and experience, I strongly feel that birth is a natural event, not a medical one. While medical intervention is a blessing, there is an unnecessary medical exigency in birth culture today; one that yields no substantial progressive outcome for mother or baby (Reference the CDC's stats here).  As a doula, I believe in your body’s ability to give birth as beautifully as it conceived your growing baby, and I am here to support your instinctual labor and birth process; whatever that may be.

Doulas serve in every setting: Hospital, Birth Center, at Home; Outdoors!; Each birth story is unique. I accommodate support with love, without bias. I use my education in rhetorical communication, women’s studies, herbalism, functional medicine, yoga, and birth work to cultivate a grounding support system for you and your budding family.

I provide my family with unlimited support for the entirety of their birth.

My “Doula Services” include but are not limited to:

  • Prenatal Support
    Prenatal visits with your family at your home or in my office;
    While these visits are educational, by design, they will also provide opportunities for bonding through emotional and physical exercises. These visits cater to each Mama according to her preferences;
    To include:

  • birthing workshops, nutrition education & cooking classes, pregnancy portraits, prenatal yoga, bibliotherapy, etc.

  • 24/7 Communicative support by phone, email, or in-person, as needed to ensure comfort and education.

  • Labor Support

  • Unlimited support during your birth.

  • Attendance at your birth and during labor.

  • Postpartum Assistance, with two postpartum visits (often more)

  • Documentation of birth, by request.

  • Resources are consistently provided, and or referenced as needs appear! Your transition into parenthood should be handled as gracefully as possible, and there are many resources to help make this transition possible, I am here to help.

Yoga, acupuncture, massage, meditation, and hypnosis, are all awesome practices for the whole family and I am well obliged to offer suggestions on where and when to take advantage of these! Education is key, as your birth educator, I expect lots and lots of questions!

A complete list of my doula services, as well as my full service fee, is provided upon our first meeting and listed in depth in my ‘Doula Contract’ form.

To receive and complete a Client Intake Form, please email me!

With love,


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