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New Mexico based, Jaide Ashli is a Birth & Postpartum Doula, Clinical Herbalist, Yogi, Artist & Writer; Mama, Beloved, Sister, Friend -

with a passion for finding and creating beauty.

"'The Beauty Way' is a term that encompasses a lifestyle steeped in gratitude & prayer for all this life has to offer. Many blessings come from a simple "Thank You"- especially when spoken to the Earth and the elements. "


Her current passion project is making

plant based period & postpartum panties @moonbloomers


HI THERE! - I'm Jaide :)

I'm not so low key about how much i love all things pregnancy & birth; from home to the hospital - I'm overflowing with information about the entire process; I'm especially in love with the unraveling that comes with faith and trust in the process of the birth portal; and am a living testament to the beauty of life on the wild side. I love wild pregnany, free birth, and raising babies close to the land. I'm blessed with "the village" of our collective vision - to do this - with other women'; to live alongside a community of birth keepers, healers, and free thinking femmes.

I began walking this path over a decade ago, when I moved out West, for University; where I first encountered Hippies! and Yoga! Through exploring my connection to Nature, and my yoga practice, now 11 years in the making; I helped clear pathways in my energetic body, which lead me towards a life focused on healing...It seems as if opportunity for growth came knocking thereafter- I attended a Birth Doula training, a 200 hr + YTT, a 90 hr + Prenatal YTT, all within a year of each other.

When I moved back East in 2015; I was called to work with Plant Medicine. Gardening, Farming, and working at an Herb Shop, while still teaching yoga and attending births. 

I took a hiatus from this work in 2016, for an intensive program, in which I graduated with a diploma in Advanced Clinical Herbalism, and my life has never been the same...


Since then; I have over 2,000+ hours of Clinical Herbal work under my belt, and continue to serve my community with herbs, diet/lifestlye coaching, yoga, and birth work.

I love wildcrafting/medicine making, and offer beautiful, small batch medicines, available in my online shop

I'm passionate about sharing my passions; if you have any questions about myself, my practice, or how you can benefit from natural therapies, please reach out!


Diploma of Advanced Clinical Herbalism,

The Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine,

Wellspring Mountain, North Carolina, 2016-2017

Yoga Teacher Training & Certificate,

The Shambhava Institute at Shoshoni Mountain Ashram,

Nederland, Colorado, 2015


Birth Doula Training & Certificate,

The Mamahood, Boulder, Colorado, 2014

80 hr Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training & Certificate,

The Mamahood, Denver, Colorado, 2014

Colorado State University - Class of 2013

B.S. Degree - Rhetorical Communication

Minor & Certificate in Women's Studies

National University Of Ireland, Galway

Literature & Film Studies Program 2012

The Groovy Doula, Taos NM
- Full Spectrum Doula/Birthworker  & Birth Educator; Current
MoonBloomers, Taos NM
- Part owner & Creative ; Current
Ojo Caliente Spa, Ojo Caliente NM
- Yoga Instructor; Current
La Sala Outreach, Questa NM
- Yoga instructor & community outreach
Trauma & Recovery Center, Taos NM
- Nutrition & Herbal therapies, instructor, yoga teacher
Thrive Holistic Medicine, Milwaukee WI
- On staff Herbalist & team member
Tippecanoe Herbs, Milwaukee WI
- Saturday Market Herbalist on duty, and clinician.
The Elderberry Community Herbs & Healing, Charlottesville VA
- Clinical Herbalist, Community Teacher, & Marketing Outreach
  2015 to 2018
Botanica Mobile Herb Clinic, Charlottesville VA
- Clinical Herbalist, Philanthropist, On Our Own Outreach Coordinator
 2017 to 2018
Ashtanga Yoga Charlottesville, Charlottesville VA
- Monday Night Class Curator & Instructor
 2015 to 2018
Gainesville Holistic Health Center, Gainesville VA
- Clinical Herbalist, Doula, Yoga Therapist, and Life Coach
 September 2016
Gaia Gathering 2017, Charlottesville VA
- Lead Yoga Instructor
Wanderlust Festival 2016, Snowshoe WV
- Smudge Master & Wayfarer, Smudge & Burnables Playshop Instructor

The Mamahood, Denver & Boulder CO.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher

2014- 2015

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