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Fertility Blog #2 - Nervous System LOVE

Happy Love Day Friend!

So much to be grateful for!

Thank you for being here.

While Valentine’s is a hallmark holiday worldwide; if you’re chilling solo right now, power to you, babe. Love is within us - it is all around us, it is abundant. We celebrate the openness of that channel, that flow, within ourselves.

Celebrate you.

We celebrate love so much in my community, and it is a privilege and an honor to do so. In fact, My partner and I are fond of angel numbers; and we celebrate love day every 9 days, when all of the numbers in the date = 10 which = 1, one love. On these days we drink chocolate, devote time to ourselves and each other, give lots of kisses, play devotional music, and relish in the heart space…It is basically a day for loving our nervous systems; for self-care, and caring for each other.

Today on TGD, we are devoting time and energy to our beloved….nervous system.

We are acknowledging the community within us; the bacteria, cells, organs, hormones, etc. that we call, 'me'.

We are saying yes to self care.

(I'm literally eating homemade chocolate out of the bowl rn, with a spoon - all is well...)

Self care to the nervous system; is the equivalent of a valentine/chocolate sent to a beloved or a crush. We send them year round, multiple times a day, so the message is clear.

‘i love you, me’ - ‘i love you, body’ -

This swim through ‘womb space’ dives into the basics on hormones and fertility.

Highlighting the belief that: syncing to a good rhythm in the ocean that is your nervous system - allows for smoother sailing day to day - which is a sustainable way to conserve energy and build strength over time.These are my words, and nothing is new…let us begin…

Stress alone can render our bodies ‘infertile’ - isn’t that crazy?

Stress from our lifestyle, toxic relationships, the stress on our bodies from silent food allergies/poor nutrition, the stress of ‘trying’ to conceive;

If you are overly stressed, or putting unnecessary stress on your body; the body responds in a caring way; by not putting more on your plate than you can handle at one time. Simple and understated - it prioritizes keeping you sane, keeping you alive amidst 'busy'.

That’s the energetic low-down, anyhow.

You see; Stress and inflammation take up the bodies’ energy and attention; asking to be addressed; and they come first in a list of your bodies’ priorities, because it is essential to your survival that you chill out, not be the bottom of the food chain, etc. - stress sends signals to the body, that you are not in a safe and nourishing environment.

An alkaline and moderate biome, a loving environment -

these are signals to our bodies that we are able to serve ourselves, and therefore - new life.

The higher state of awareness that our nervous system is in, matches the capabilities of both energetic and intellectual bodies. Our bodies are so wise.

The nervous system is an incredible network of signal-message coding, bringing your body online in the energetic and physical realms. You are alive, breathing - your awareness to your surroundings is turned on, albeit -perhaps muted down in some people. The safer we feel, the more nourished and peaceful our energy body is - the higher that awareness becomes, the more we are capable of processing, seeing, and transmuting.

Baseline is key for building; and we require solid foundations if we are to build big…

A higher vibration in your mindbody and environment, is a signal to the universe that you are capable of taking on new missions; like that of motherhood.

Let's also acknowledge that mind/matter is serious magic.

When you truly have faith and believe, miracles can happen; and miracles can override bodily systems. Seed your intentions for fertility- in the roots of you; in your hormones, in your nervous system. Do this through positive affirmations and meditations that are focused on peace, calm, and nourishment;

envision yourself, as fertile.

Don’t allow fear and doubt to tell stories that are untrue, or changeable.

We can grow a human (and recover from the birth of said human) in a healthy way;

this is an intention.

We can avoid difficulties in pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period; due to malnutrition and inflammatory conditions -through healing our bodies.

It all requires work, and the pay off is immense.

Some things require a specialist, some require a little faith;

This includes faith in ‘ what is’

what is meant to be in this life, shall be;

of this - so mote it be;

Let’s do what we can, and call it our best.

Ok, so you’re doing your due diligence in the spirit realms; staying positive...

let’s look at the nervous system and fertility;

From a scientific perspective.

We all can guess at the reasons stress becomes chronic; examples like overwork, etc. and from a diet that is high in inflammatory foods. Also exposure to chemicals in our environments at work & at home, cause oxidative stress to the body; which can lead to hormonal imbalance.

Chronic stress increases cortisol levels in the body.

Increased cortisol inhibits the production of progesterone, a key hormone in pregnancy.

Simple math, too much of one thing - and too little of the other.

When we become pregnant, our progesterone levels peak and remain high throughout pregnancy. Progesterone tells our bodies not to shed our uterine lining, keeps our moon blood at bay. This allows the uterus and womb space to grow and nurture a cozy home for baby. Progesterone levels drop drastically at birth, which signals to the body/breasts that milk flow can begin; this is called “let down”…so this hormone, is a big player in ‘womb space’. Without ‘adequate’ levels of progesterone, our bodies do not prioritize ovulation, and therefore - put conception on the back burner; a coping mechanism to keep your body safe, to prioritize sanity of mind body, and to allow you to get right with your nervous system and your life; before adding more to your cup.

Even when it is difficult to understand why our bodies do what they do, for the most part, we can trust that they are doing what they are meant to do. Sometimes it is uncomfortable to be embodied - our back hurts, our breasts hurt, our brain is foggy and groggy, etc. These are signals that something needs attention, working on, nourishment. This is not a death sentence, it is a wake up call. Listen, to yourself.

How do we ensure that we can listen to ourselves?

How do we prioritize our nervous systems?

A safe environment and consistent self care practices, during the childbearing years is necessary for a balanced nervous system.

This is a reason we turn to yoga; the calm movement of the body and the breathe, requires a safe space to be. Our mind can empty and our body can open up. When we do yoga, drink an herbal tea in a quiet room, sit down with a book or a loved one; we safeguard the crucial link between our body, heart, mind - and the hormones that are behind the scenes.

The great marriage of the nervous system is between, Sympathetic and Parasympathetic.

Sympathetic - is your fight, flight, freeze reaction and the hormones that govern that reaction. Para sympathetic - is your Peace response - state of calm, the love, the safety, the gratitude.

When we have excess in our sympathetic nervous system, the entire body and all the organs experience the hormonal shifts that occur. For example; increased blood flow to the limbs - functions to give you energy to run, fight, or walk - to your nearest exit…

This leaves less blood flow to your vital internal organs, which can stagnate blood and energy in those places. When our bodies are just trying to survive, they don’t prioritize ‘rest and digest’ phases of the different systems. This can lead to poor digestion, poor sleep, and the inability to ‘clean house’ of built up toxins and negative energies. Too much stress or dehydration causes the nervous system to take effect on our digestive system, loose stools and/or constipation can result; which can then effect the nourishment of the body; and therefore - the womb/placenta, etc.

Excess cortisol, adrenaline, and catecholamines - disrupt our bodies' systems.

Even if we abstain from a stress inducing environment during pregnancy, in labor and birth - there are opportunities for imbalance. This is why it's important to choose where you want to birth, and who you want to be present. Usually caused from panic, transfer to a different environment, etc., these hormones can stagnate or even hault birth (sometimes resulting in an emergency c-section or other interventions). This is not to scare, rather - just to inform - the power that hormones have over our lives. The body does not differentiate between deadlines at work, and a deadline between you and a threat to your life (or the life of your infant). The portal waits until the coast is clear to deliver babe, or to conceive babe in the first place…It’s important to prioritize your nervous system: prenatally, during pregnancy, and in labor & birth.

It’s all intertwined, it all matters.

Being in your parasympathetic nervous system, is not a state of arrival, but a way of being.

A practice of eating good, drinking your herbal teas, drinking water, being creative, laughing; and moving your body with your breath.

On and on, the connection between stress and bodily functions runs so deep.

It’s clear that our hormones, and therefore our lifestyle & diet, are important the entirety of pregnancy; really, our entire lives! it is truly a lifestyle - to care for yourself and your body, in its highest state...Fertility Blog #3 is going to dive deeper into diet, and what kinds of foods increase fertility and higher states of being...

For those of you who have been on this path for some time; I see you.

I see you: researching, getting hormone panels, changing your lifestyle.

You are doing good work, learning about yourself.

Keeping doing the work you know is your highest state.

No matter the outcome, do this - for you.

When you are trying to conceive

time feels stretched

as you wait for a child to enter

womb space;

take that time

to take care

of you.

If it is meant to be

it will be;

and before you know it;

You could be


nursing a fruiting babe

sleep deprived

full of oxytocin

and without memory of your last shower…

This moment here, sovereign being - is a gift;

take this time

get clear

on your intentions.

Create the space, or find one,

where you truly feel safe and cared for.

stress levels decrease with this kind awareness

Get lots of juicy good rest.

Be in a good way with yourself and your family,

“all my relations” - like that.

All in divine timing…


If you’re here today because you are active in your practice for becoming fertile soil for the seed of a soul to incarnate; your homework today -

Is to sit down & breathe deep' - connect to your womb space


write a love letter to the divine child yet to be conceived.

Connect your nervous system, to your heart space, to your womb space - with these writing prompts...

After you have written a love letter to your divine child; answer these questions to yourself.

What does your life look like when you are thriving?

What is your purpose, beyond being a mother?

In being Mother, what purpose will your family carry out in this lifetime?

Why do you want to host a new soul in the belly of your body?

Pre-pregnancy, we get to do really intentional deep dives into our own person.

Spend those hours that you would be resting your feet up with swollen belly and breasts, and do self care practices; tell yourself 'I love you' by doing things that nourish your nervous system:

self massage - with anointing oils and a jade roller or guasha stones. Use positive affirmations and self-love talk, telling your body parts they are beautiful, loved, and nourish them with touch. creating ritual touch with oil; self massage - tells your body and womb space, I love you me!

self love practices like Tara love Perry’s “I love you, me” - are so rich and deeply satisfying. Her youtube channel changed my life a little…

exercise - get outside, put on some music, dance or run - until you feel those endorphins.

yoga - body and breathe movement is such an ancient technique for healing, if you don’t have a yoga practice yet - don’t wait for a guru to come knocking on your door.

meditate - Meditation is another key practice to surviving life on this earth and walking in a good way; its how we listen to that voice that comes to us, through us. Our higher self, the collective consciousness; its how we tune in to what’s going on in our internal universe.

cook nourishing meals, (and cook meals specific to your body as the soil for a new seed) Be creative, make art, dance, make noise, make love!

Do your research, take agency over healing yourself and/or reaching out to people who can aid you in the healing process.

Things to avoid:

- Stressful environments/situations/relationships

- Overstimulation from noise, work, busyness

- Over exercising & intensive sports

- Over-eating

  • Eating too little, fasting too often

  • Inflammatory foods and thought forms

  • Alkaloids and purgative medicines, entheogen in excess, etc.

——— not putting technology on your womb space is a biggie***


USE YOUR INTUITION, darling, the force is with you.


Beyond the lifestyle changes necessary to reset your nervous system, we have our Mother Earth’s bounty, our herbal allies, to get our bodies back to baseline.

To follow is a list of herbs

  • to be taken as teas or in tincture/oxymel form - that aid our nervous system.

( These are recomendations, please consult with your care provider, midwife, family herbalist, before making any major changes to an existing health protocol)

Herbs for stress relief, etc.

skullcap, for when your cup is full and you need to empty it. Skullcap, as a cumulative medicine - changes the way you experience stress, over time. A simple tea of scuttelaria can help mindbody recalibrate stress caused by external circumstances. stimulates the lower burners, can aid in bowel movements that are stagnant due to stress.

Catnip, for stress and stomach upset - gentle; a good remedy for children

blue vervain, for the over achiever who feels shame or doubt when trying to reach out for help. Softens the mind body into a shade of indigo- so we can surrender to the flow of the universe; like the indigo child. Allows for tensions and anger to ease with a gentle kindness. Anti-inflammatory to the body in terms of mental stress from internal/hormonal factors.

milky oats, when the nervous system/body is overworked and needs direct nourishment. release and let go. Person/animal needs to be fed like milk drunk baby (ashwaghanda milk is good for this too)

black cohosh, stress from accident, bodily stress; poor disposition/mood - general depression/mania - sends stars up the spine, towards the heaven - like the flower suggests; good for whiplash and other upper spine related ailments. Rattlesnake medicine…(seeds in autumn)

st. john’s wort for sunshine and a good time

(take with caution, if on birth control and trying not to conceive, st/ Joans wort renders many medications non viable in the system. (it effects liver pathways and our medications are processed in the liver)

Lemon balm/Melissa : stress due to heat in the gut/liver - in the mint family - so ‘adaptogenic’ in that way (mouna) - heat and inflammation in the gut, can produce heat and inflammation in the mind - which looks like “hot headedness” like the disposition of drinking too much coffee - Melissa is a remedy for this.

Reishi: chronic stress due to excessive yang: addressing anxiety on a subconscious/chemical level - soft on the aura and the mindbody. Good yin medicine, and generally carrying all the so called “myco-forces’ as mushrooms do so much for us. Reishi mushroom essence is an ally for chronic stress due to feelings of unsafety from sexual trauma, etc.

Ashwagandha, california poppy, etc. (herbs in my Hypnos Elixir) are not necessarily fit for a pregnant woman, but can aid you in the interim period - to get really deep sleep, which is one of the most important ways we can nourish our nervous system. Rest & digest is essential to the thriving state, give yourself the time and nourishment needed to reset.

Here is a blog post on the Blood Rite and an extensive list of herbs for the femme body towards the bottom of the essay;

& There is a list of herbs good for sleep; on my Resources page - Here


We always have healing to do; with whole foods, with connection and co-counseling, therapy, community, ceremony; whatever it takes, empower yourself and your mind.

The hormones, the body, the mind, the heart, they are singing together in a harmony that is all knowing and incredibly wise. We tune in, we listen, we act in a way that nurtures our intentions.




Later this WEEK:

I’ll be exploring the conscious commitment to being self aware, through diet.

How can the awareness of our lives, what we put in-on-&around our bodies; create healing and increase fertility. My hope is that in reading this, you will be inspired to find the right diet for your body and optimize the holy vessel for life.

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