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Lyle & Nicola

Birth Doula to:

 Jaide was our doula for our first and only child.  My wife did a lot of research and while I was hesitant in having a doula, it turned out to be one of the best decisions we made.  Jaide met with both of us twice prior to birth and with Nicola a few more times.  The wonderful thing about Jaide was that while she was new to this (we were her first birthing experience as a doula), she maintained an extremely peaceful and calming demeanor throughout the whole process.  

Jaide is a wonderful person and was perfect for us.  She seemed to always come up with suggestions at the right times while listening to our needs, wishes and desires almost all of the time.  It never felt like she was trying to push us one way or another but rather like she was just trying to be there for us however she could.  Nicola went through 26 hours of labor followed by an emergency C-section and Jaide stayed with us the entire time, waiting in our room while Nicola was in surgery.  As a husband, I thought I could do it all and take care of my wife, but I cannot stress how much we both ended up relying on Jaide to help.  Within a few hours of being in the hospital, the three of us had built a tight knit connection and we felt like a family in it for the long-haul and sticking together no matter what.  

After a few days Jaide visited us in the hospital and it was wonderful to see how happy and delighted she was with Ash.  Just the fact that he was a brand new human being seemed to really hit her in a truly positive way and in the end both of us felt like Jaide was part of our family.  We were extremely sad when we heard that she was moving out of Colorado and she will always be welcome in our home for all that she did for us. I know that whatever path she chooses to follow as a midwife, she will be successful and bring much happiness and joy to many families.



I felt so lucky when I happened upon Jaide's weekly yoga class. Her stle is the perfect mix of flow and strengthening, gentle and challenge. She is able to intuit what her students' bodies need and gives excellent guidance and suggestions. She mixes music so well with the movements of the class. Her class became my Monday ritual. I always leave feeling centered, calm, stronger, and peaceful.

- Anne Eschenroeder

Ashtanga Yoga Charlottesville

Jaide's classes are very focused on the breath - opening, and focusing the mind, the body, the spirit connection. Wonderful, deep chest and hip openers that stretch us, physically and emotionally. Overall, time with Jaide is spiritually opening - using herbs, yoga, and mindfulness. 

-Kyhmi, High School Student

Ashtanga Yoga Charlottesville

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