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1 oz bottle > Subtle Sparkle; a poise remedy.

('poise' is a point on the unified heart field, like a green diamond; stoic, graceful, gorgeous in the bones)


Kava & Damiana, and wild oh wild! The wild Rose

 - lend a rosey glow to the world -

+ now with Hawthorn & Crampbark + for extra love to the heart & lower chakras, Crampbark, in the vibernum family - known for its antispasmodic action to the uterus, etc. 

preserved in rose infused organic grain alc. and Honey...



Subtle Sparkle is a favorite amongst my sisters...

Brewed many moons to store collective memories & untangle them in the waters, for reintegration. Can be taken to reintegrate the underworld and the devic realms with ease & light, Heart Shine, Subtle Sparkle, like sun set in the desert - coyote howling amongst peaceful starlit skies -


Reccomended for a softening of the mindbody

Slip into your essence.


Original Remedy

inspired by 

teacher Sean Donahue - 

& the illumined Geraldine Lanvin

of Suntrap Botanical.


NOT SAFE FOR PREGNANCY (due to the Kava Kava)

Can be used AFTER breasfteeding


***needs a big dose of CHILL OUT.




These statements have not been submitted/ approved by the FDA


Subtle Sparkle Elixir

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