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Mommy & Me Yoga

Here is a little breakdown of a classic mommy & me yoga class that I teach:

Breathe Work, pranayama, centering together

Meditaion / Visualization / Talking

Check-ins with Warm up


Neck Stretches

Seated Side Stretch

Cat/Cow seated & churn the pot

Table top

Thread the needle

Sit back, prepare for butterfly.

Singing "butterfly" - butterfly pose, extend one leg, then the other, stretch side.

Singing "Row your boat" Boat pose

Pigeon (breast feeding pose)


Child's Pose

Downward Dog, step forward

Forward Fold, w. toe lifts

Prenatal Sun Salutes x2

Chataranga push ups, baby kiss! x5

Down Dog

forward fold


tree pose (60 seconds balance on one leg is better than walking a mile.)

reed pose

warrior 1

warrior 2



warrior 1

kegels in easy seat

belly breath

lay on back

airplane with baby.

supine twist (with extended legs is sciatic nerve work)

bridge with baby on top.

shoulder stand / legs up the wall (lymphatic drainage, 10 min. better than 1 hour nap)

"me" song

savanna - nap time.

Please follow me @thegroovydoula on Spotify for yoga playlists!

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