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Jaide • The Groovy Doula .

Updated: Jan 21

Jaide. @thegroovydoula • likes to keep the company of trees. ⠀


Herbalist & plant freak

doula & birth geek

artist & writer



spiritually seeking yogi...⠀



I started #thegroovydoula IG when I was 24 in hopes of documenting my journey into womanhood as a birth doula; I was fresh out of school @coloradostateuniversity where I majored in Rhetoric & Civility with a minor concentration in Women’s Studies.

It was during that time, I was handed Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin and it changed my life... Natural Birth, living close to the land, Being open and honest and spiritually seeking; it all seemed to go hand in hand. I wanted to inspire myself and others to believe that a natural approach to birth and birthing bodies carries the potential to heal society. ⠀


Not long after I completed my doula certification, my mentor Katie Wise @themamahood suggested I teach prenatal yoga to really understand the energetics of the pregnant body. I took her advice and became certified in teaching prenatal yoga, lived at an ashram in the Colorado mountains for a month to earn my RYT200 where we meditated and did yoga and ate vegan for the first time.

I cleared some pathways in my body, and then began to hear the call of the plants. ⠀


The physical practice (yoga/meditation) makes way for a deeper connection to the other life forms; compassion for animals and plants ensues - the care and keeping of them being gardening/farming/spending time in wild spaces. As well as becoming vigilant to what the body is exposed to ie - foods, products, Environment; hence specific dietary goals, conscious consumerism and environmental activism...⠀

I didn’t have to try to like all of these things; or to look a certain way; to be mindful... The mindset comes with the practice. Your mind body is driven to take interest in these things because they truly matter to the sustainability in keeping our species alive. Yoga will open you up to an entirely new realm.⠀

Yoga ie: Meditation, singing & playing music, asana practice, mindfulness, medicinal smoke and using essential oils; making time for tea ceremony - I naturally just found myself fascinated with the natural world and my natural body. I started eating more greens, I worked on organic farms @sproutcityfarms @solmountainfarm - I was saturating myself in wellness books, podcasts like @forthewild and documentaries. I couldn’t be satiated, I needed to learn more, I needed teachers...⠀

I found The Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine and knew that working with medicinal plants was what I wanted to with my days on Earth. Studying with Thomas Easley, Matt Wood, Lindsey Feldspausch, Erika Galentin, Jim McDonald, Sam Coffman, and Robert Rogers; & Heather Wetzel & Kathleen Maeir of @sacredplanttraditions while I lived in Virginia and poured love into @elderberryherbals, the apothecary I grew into over 3 years.

I went on to find teachers in New Mexico like Mouna, Martin, Cathy, and Maria Mikahailas; and continue to meet incredible mentors. They say, “knowledge is power” and that feels like an understatement. ⠀Im here to gain knowledge, and grow.


Helping hands with a heart for service; My hope is that it resonates.

Be well 🕊Jaide, The Groovy Doula

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