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Changes to the Pregnant Body

In my recent studies I have come across some very basic academic material that I feel is highly stimulating!

As you can see, a bun in the oven changes a mama’s insides a bit; The lungs, stomach, and bladder being the most affected by baby’s forming in the uterus. In addition to these spacial changes, the heart is pumping 150% its normal blood volume… The increased blood circulation is what makes pregnant women overheat easily and feel fatigue faster with more intensity. Referencing the anatomical image above, take notice to those parts of the body that are compromised by baby, and let’s apply them to some symptoms you may be experiencing throughout your second and third trimester.

Lungs: Reduced lung capacity and an increase in oxygen use (due to that beautiful beating heart!) will often leave mama short of breathe. While exercise is an important part of staying healthy during pregnancy, make sure to listen to your body. If your lungs are being pressed on by your growing baby then you may feel the need to take things slow. Be Aware!

Stomach: Just as your lung capacity is decreased during pregnancy, so goes the stomach! Mamma may begin to notice that while her appetite may increase, her portions decrease. Taking in smaller meals will help with feelings of bloat, gas, constipation, heartburn, and acid reflux. Know that just because mama’s tummy is being pressed on, this doesn’t mean she needs less food, keep eating for two!

Bladder: As the bladder receives pressure from the weight of the new baby it may prove difficult to hold the bladder or to feel relieved after having used the restroom. Frequent trips to the restroom are a commonly talked about occurrence with pregnancy  so if you find that this is not an issue for you, you may want to consult your care provider.

I hope these short and sweet tid bits were of some relevant help!

One love,

The Groovy Doula

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